Shutdown you computer with in a second!

Shutdown you computer with in a second!
Some times we need to off our computer which is so much necessary. Of course we can use the hibernate for shutdown our computer so much faster. But hibernate takes lot of space also in our hard drive. And all time we do not need the hibernate process. We know that hibernate is used as the alter of standby! When you need long time break then you use hibernate instead of standby. And when the computer is hibernating then after that we get out computer exactly the previous session of our computer. To day I will tell you the process how the rapid way to shutdown our computer with in a one second! Hope this technique may be useful to those who need to shutdown their computer within a moment.
Let us see the process to shut down your computer with in a moment!
1. First you have to right click your mouse in the task bar.
2. Then you get a menu form that, select the Task manager for there,
3. Then the Windows Task Manager box will be open.
4. From the task manager box select shutdown menu, then you will get many sub menus also.
5. You have to select the turn off form the shutdown menu but before click there press Ctrl then click that submenu.
6. You computer will be shut down with in a second.
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